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Extreme Components, Inc.

What Does “Extreme” Mean for You, The Customer? Electronic Parts

Extreme Service. Extreme Support. Extreme Flexibility.

With two decades worth of experience in the industry, we’ve moved beyond what we saw as a lot of mediocrity. When we decided to start our company we named it after what lengths we are willing to work for our customers.

To us, extreme means extreme support, extreme service. It means the highest quality – the very best. Are we unique? In some ways – probably not.

Many companies are doing similar things, offering similar types of services. But are they willing to take it up a notch? We are! We go all out to get things done for you. We understand your urgencies and situations.


Taking Extreme Measures

We go through Extreme measures to satisfy our customers’ needs. We do the extra things that need to be done to keep our customers happy. If you give us a call and it’s a Friday afternoon and you positively need an item on your dock Monday morning, not a problem. We’ll simply open our doors on Saturday, arrange to receive your item and ship it back out to assure you have it Monday as required. It’s as simple as that!! These are the little things, the details. But we deal in details every day. And we get them right and then some. That’s what we do.

We believe that when you give someone that type of service, they always come back. If you slack off a little bit, that leaves the door open for someone else to jump in. We close that door and open up new doors of opportunity for the customer, providing a better customer experience.

There’s really not much of the business that we don’t know. We understand what’s important. Being ethical, honest, and straightforward and providing high-quality products and service.

ServiceDedicated to Serving You

Contact us and we fulfill all of your needs. Whether that’s as a prototype or immediate shortage supplier, a bill of material supplier or whatever else. Get quotes on your bill of material or find out about cost reductions. Come to us to buy products. Use our online search at your convenience, free of charge. We’re prompt. We get back to you quickly. We’re flexible.

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do, that’s feasibly possible, to make you happy. That’s what we do, and how we’ve survived so well. We want you as a customer to come back to us. You can get beyond good, quality service and really make support and flexibility happen. You can go to Extreme.

You want service, support and flexibility. But it shouldn’t just be okay. Or good. Or even great.


Go Extreme.